Press Release, August 1, 2011

  • Permits for Transportation of Non-Ferrous Metals

              Any person other than a construction contractor or gas, electric, communications, plumbing, electrical or climate conditioning service provider who wishes to transport or sell any nonferrous metal, including copper, aluminum, catalytic converters, and stainless steel containers, must first obtain from the county sheriff in the county where the seller resides a permit to transport and sell the metal. If the seller is not a resident of South Carolina, the permit must be obtained where the scrap metal dealer/recycler he sells to is located.

        Two types of transportation and sale permits are available to the public. The first is a one-year permit, which must be applied for in person at the Sheriff’s Office. After approval of the application, the permit holder will be able to transport and sell quantities of nonferrous metals to a recycler for a one-year period of time. The second is a 48-hour permit, the number for which can be obtained by calling the Sheriff’s Office. As the name implies, it is valid for only 48 hours, and no more than two 48-hour permits can be issued to a person in a single year. Both types of transportation and sale permits are free to the public.

        Any person or business intending to purchase nonferrous metals must obtain a permit to purchase from the Sheriff’s Office in each county where he or it maintains a fixed site for business. There is a $200 fee for the purchase permit, and it must be renewed every two years. A recycler may not purchase nonferrous metals from a person unless the seller presents his permit to transport and sell to the recycler, or the permit number if it is a 48-hour permit. Likewise, a seller cannot sell to a recycler who does not have a purchase permit. Stringent record keeping duties are imposed on the recycler for each sale, and these records must be maintained for two years.

        When the new law takes effect, it will be illegal for an individual not acting in the ordinary course of business to transport more than ten pounds of nonferrous metals on the highways without a transportation permit. Further, transportation of nonferrous metals that are known to be stolen will be a felony punishable by ten years in prison.

        Permits for transportation of non-ferrous metals: (The term non-ferrous is used to indicate metals other than iron and alloys that do not contain an appreciable amount of iron) Prior to transporting more than 10 pounds of non-ferrous metals, or the sale of any amount of non-ferrous metal, a permit must be obtained.

        Free Permits may be obtained as follows: ... One year permits May be obtained in person at the Sheriff’s Office Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. You must be a Pickens County resident, present a Photo ID and the transporting vehicle registration. See the front desk officer located in the main lobby.