Gang Intelligence Unit

     The Gang Intelligence Unit (GIU) is responsible for gathering intelligence and information on alleged gang activity, for processing the information, then disseminating it to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and personnel.

     The unit also gathers information for the public and coordinates informational meetings upon request.

The Gang Intelligence Unit has four major components:

·    External Intelligence:  Headed by School Resource Officers of the Criminal Investigative Division. This area is responsible for gathering information from sources primarily outside of the law enforcement community. School Resource Officers have extensive contacts with the youth in our community and other community leaders throughout Pickens County.

·    Internal Intelligence:  Headed by Detention Division Supervisors. This area is primarily responsible for the gathering of information from inmates processed through the Pickens County detention Center. The vast majority of this information comes from inmates’ tattoos and statements taken from the inmates’ themselves. Additionally, the supervisors have been trained by the Regional Organized Crime and Information Center (ROCIC) personnel to enter inmates as “gang members” once they conform to federal guidelines established by the Department of Justice.

·    Community Patrol Intelligence: Headed by Uniform Road Patrol Supervisors. This intelligence is gathered from calls taken by Uniform Road Patrol throughout the normal community patrol.

·    NCIC Intelligence:  Headed by E911 Communications Supervisors. This data is collected and entered into the National Crime and Information Center (NCIC) system. This system tracks all gang activity nationwide and is immediately available to virtually every law enforcement agency across the country.

     The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office is a member of the Regional Organized Crime and Information Center. ROCIC is the premier computer database used nationally for very detailed intelligence, background investigations and data retrieval. ROCIC is federally funded, and only approved law enforcement agencies can join. Once the agency becomes a member, the system is restricted to only those officers trained in its proper use.