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                         Inmate Search and Victim Notification

 The South Carolina Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification (SAVIN) system will enable detention centers, the Department of Corrections, and the Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services to comply with victim notification laws. More important, the system will empower victims by allowing them to make a toll-free call or access a website for offender status information from anywhere at anytime. A crime victim may register for notification on the custody status of an offender who is either incarcerated in a detention center, jail, or the Department of Corrections or under the supervision of the Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services. Once registered, a victim will receive immediate notification regarding changes in the custody status of the offender, including transfer and release. SC SAVIN is a free service, available 24-hours a day in both English and Spanish.

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Search for inmates housed (current & past) at the Pickens County Detention Center. This search includes photos, charges, and bond amounts. 

                    Victim of Sexual Abuse?

     In accordance with the Federal PREA Act. The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Detention Facility has a zero tolerance policy for all sexual activity.  If you are the victim of sexual abuse or are aware of an inmate that has been, please notify our PREA Compliance Officer at 864-898-5540.  You may also contact Rape Crisis at 864-442-5500.  It is the intent of this facility to provide a safe environment for all inmates and staff.

Making Deposits into an Inmates Account

Family and friends of inmates housed at the Pickens County Detention Center are able to deposit funds into inmate commissary accounts utilizing the Cobra Cashier Kiosk. Kiosks are located in the visitation lobby at the Main entrance, the kiosk will accept Cash, Credit Cards, and Debit cards. Deposits will immediately be available in the inmate's account, barring no delays during holidays or weekends.

Important: Any monies deposited will be subject to the normal collections for debts owed to the jail by the inmate (INCLUDING BOND MONEY). The automated payment kiosk accepts United States currency in 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 US denominations. Deposits may be made 24hrs a day., seven days a week.

There is a $2.75 convenience fee for utilizing the Cobra Cashier Kiosk.  The fee will be deducted from the amount deposited in the Inmate's account.  No currency is accepted through the mail.  Only U.S. Postal Service Money Orders will be accepted.  The same $2.75 fee applies to these deposits also.  Please remember:


The Lobby Kiosk:

  • Accepts $5.00 bills or higher for a cash deposit to inmate commissary accounts
  • Family and friends must know inmate's JACKET NUMBER and FULL BOOKED NAME
  • Funds deposited will be immediately credited to the inmate's account.
  • A receipt will be issued from the kiosk to the person depositing the funds.
  • A receipt will be issued from the Jail to the inmate.

A third party will operate the Cobra Cashier Kiosk; The Pickens County Sheriff's Office will have no responsibility for the operation of these machines. If there is an issue with a deposit, a phone number will be available to contact the vendor. The Pickens County Detention Center has no means to resolve any issues related to the kiosk.

Inmate Funds


To  make a deposit on-line to an inmate's account, select the Government Payment EXP icon to the right. Have your credit or debit card ready. You will need the inmate's full name and resident booking number. Resident booking numbers are available directly from the inmate or at the PCDC lobby. These numbers will not be given out over the phone!  Select   Pickens County Detention Center as the location. The payment location code is 5500. To make a deposit by telephone, call: (888)-277-2535. Deposits also can be made at the Cobra Cashier kiosk in the lobby of PCDC.



    It shall be the mission of the Pickens County Detention Center to provide humane and just treatment to all persons detained without jeopardizing the safety and security of this facility or the community it serves.

The Detention Center shall:

  • Maintain inmates' rights while keeping them in a safe, humane environment, and

  • Maintain custody of the inmate and prevent escape of inmates in a pre-trial or trusty status, and

  • Protect inmates from victimization by placing them in separate living areas determined by proper classification.

  • Provide medical and mental health services necessary to address the basic and specialized healthcare needs of all inmates, and

  • Provide a safe and sanitary living environment for all inmates, and

  • Provide a safe and sanitary working environment for all employees.

    The Pickens County Detention Center is a jail designed to house "pre-sentenced" inmates. It was built in 1976 with a capacity to house 54 inmates. Of the 54 beds, 6 were for female inmates, and 42 for male inmates. The remaining six beds were considered isolation/special needs (Detox) cells. Today, the facility has 60 beds as a result of double-bunking the female cellblocks. The facility has a rated capacity of 45, according to the South Carolina Department of Corrections Division (SCDC) of Operations and Jail Standards. Inmates arrested by Central, Clemson, Clemson University, Easley, Liberty and Pickens Police Departments along with persons arrested by the Pickens County Sheriff's Office are housed at the facility. The jails at Clemson, Clemson University, and Easley are classified at Type I/Overnight Lock-up facilities.

    The Pickens County facility is inspected annually by the SCDC, the fire marshal, and the SC Department of Health. After the inspections, SCDC files a written report to the County Council Chairman, the Sheriff, and the Jail Administrator. Any corrections that need to be made are acted upon accordingly.

    The inmate count is conducted at least 3 times a day. The high count for the day is recorded. The Average Daily Population (ADP) is calculated monthly, and then yearly.

    Once sentenced by the court, inmates are released to prisons. If the inmate receives a sentence of 90 days or less, they are housed at the Pickens County Prison off of Concord Church Road near Pickens. If the inmate receives a sentence of 91 days or more, the inmate is sent to the SCDC facility located near Pelzer. All male inmates sentenced by Family Court Judges are housed at the Pickens County Prison, even sentences up to one year. Female Family Court inmates remain incarcerated at the Detention Center.

Statistical Information


Average Daily Population

% of Rated Capacity

Total Number Booked

1999 47.8 106% 4278
2000 47.8 106% 4498
2001 57.5 127% 4154
2002 60.1 134% 4453
2003 72.7 161% 4163
2004 81.1 180% 3908
2005 109.1 242% 4304
2006 142 156% 4306
2007 122 134% 4250
2008 130 142% 3753
2009 136 149% 3932
2010 151 165% 3774
2011 160 175% 3854
2012 174 191% 3729

* The Rated Capacity was changed from 45 inmates to 91 by SCDC on 03/30/06.

Detention Facility Work Crews and Educational Programs

     It is a strong desire for officers with the Pickens County Sheriff's Office / Detention Division to promote life changing opportunities for inmates housed at our facility.  We proudly promote empowerment through hard work, dedication, and education. It is our desire to provide hope and change to those who need it the most. Over the past year, we have strived to offer opportunities for inmates to make life changing decisions, which may make the difference in getting their lives back on the right track.  

     The Pickens County Sheriff's Office / Detention Facility is one of few county facilities in the state that utilize sentenced females as work crews. The females have an opportunity to make a difference not only in their lives, but for the county. Hundreds of bags of trash are removed from our highways and rural areas by the litter crews. This comes at little cost to the tax payer, but the benefits are tremendous. The work crews help teach the inmate, discipline, patience, and dedication.  Attributes that can make a difference in their lives when they are released. The litter crews are a “win-win” situation. The females are also offered work credits for the work. This also helps the taxpayer in reducing the amount of time they are housed at our county facility. They are basically working to earn their keep.  All of the inmates assigned to the crews are screened thoroughly and are classified as low risk inmates. They can not have any pending charges, holds, or detainers placed on them.  They are supervised constantly by certified deputy sheriff personnel.

     Our facility is also very proud of our educational opportunities. Many of the inmates that pass through our facility lack a high school education. In September, 2007, our facility instituted a GED Program through Pickens County Adult Education. Since the start of the program, we have offered opportunities to over two hundred (200) sentenced females. We are also proud to announce that our first graduate will receive her GED later this month (January 2008). It is our desire to improve self esteem and empower inmates through education. In return, they can once again be productive members of society and to their families.