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Records Section

The Records Section of the Pickens County Sheriff's Office is responsible for the management and control of all information relating to the investigation by the Sheriff's Office of any criminal act occurring within Pickens County.  This includes Incident Reports,  Arrest Warrants, Civil Process documents, along with Criminal Record Information.  This office also serves as a liaison between the Sheriff's Office and the news media, providing documents as required under the Freedom of Information Act.


Civil Process Procedures

  • Cost is $15.00 for everything other than executions against property and foreclosures which are $25.00.

  • Checks are to be made payable to Pickens County.

  • Affidavits can be provided by the Sheriff's Office or sent with the paperwork.

  • Please provide a self addressed stamped envelope for the return of service.

Any questions to Civil Process Procedures please email: Jackie D. Walsh

Victim Services

When a crime has been committed within the jurisdiction of the Pickens County Sheriff's Office one of the primary concerns are the victims or witnesses.  The Victim Services office is responsible for assisting victims or witnesses impacted by a criminal act.

Who is eligible for services?

A victim is a person (an individual) who suffers direct or threatened physical, psychological, or financial harm as a result of a criminal act.  This also includes the person's spouse, parent, child, a representative of a deceased victim, a minor, or someone who is incapable, being physically or psychologically disabled. It does not include someone who is under investigation, charged with a crime, or convicted of a crime.

A witness is a person who has testified or is expected to testify in a case.

The Victim Assistance Program offers the following services:

  • Information and explanation about the criminal justice system and its procedures.
  • Ensure that the rights of victims/witnesses are being met.
  • Victim notification of the court schedule and the status of each case.
  • Orientation to Courtroom procedures and settings.
  • Accompaniment to court during and after the trial or plea.
  • Moral and emotional support before, during, and after the trial or plea.
  • Assist eligible victims/witnesses in preparing Victim Compensation forms.
  • Assist victims/witnesses in preparing and obtaining an Order of Protection from domestic abuse.
  • Employment intervention to explain time missed from work due to any court appearances.
  • Referrals to social service agencies, counselors, or others who can assist with emergency needs or personal problems.
  • Counseling referrals to help victims/witnesses cope with the aftermath of a crime.
  • Assistance completing an Impact Statement.