A Brief Look At Premium Retirement Community The Villages, Florida

A Brief Look At Premium Retirement Community The Villages, Florida

The Villages in Central Florida is one of the most unique American hometown retirement communities. Currently boasting in excess of 70,000 full-time residents, it is a city within itself. Why not? Everything a person needs to enjoy a happy and full life can be located within this retirement village. Not only do The Villages utilize their own currency and have a thriving town square, but all of this is accessible by golf carts on different roads. This means that golf carts can be seen heading along overpasses, underpasses, and even using special parking at most locations created for carts.

So, what else can a person learn about The Villages in Florida?

Well, the use of golf carts means that there is the option to play golf. In The Villages, you will find numerous golf courses as part of the retirement community recreational facilities. Moreover, these golf courses are available for people of every skill level including beginners and expert golfers. Do not fear, there are more courses in production so one will not become bored with the courses available. Once golfing is over, then a person can head over to the town center.

The town center (or rather town centers as there are more than one) is picturesque areas with various dining and shopping locations. Built to surround a central town square, the center presents with a fountain around which residents can enjoy cocktails while listening to live music or participating in activities. The music from these live performances can often be hear across Lake Sumter and is typically of a 1950’s or 1960’s style. Once a week, the town squares are opened to local vendors peddling various items, gifts, and other high-quality items.

The Villages presents with many different houses available for residents working on different budgets; however, there are several hotels available as well for visiting individuals. Four hotels in particular are located near the town centers and are within walking distance to the town squares. The most popular is Lake Sumter Landing where you will find a waterfront view from the hotel rooms. The Holiday Inn Express Hotel and The Comfort Suites are also available with waterfront views of the Spanish Springs. All venues are maintained to a high-standard, so you can be sure of a pleasant stay regardless of the hotel you choose.

As can be seen, The Villages is a retirement village offering the community an active social life. Using the information, you can make an informed decision as to whether it is suitable for your needs.